AAI Oral and Poster Presentation Awards

The La Jolla Immunology Conference will conclude on October 17th at 5:15pm with the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) sponsored awards for best oral and poster presentations by Ph.D students or postdoctoral researchers. Winners will be chosen by popular vote through our online voting system.

This year, a total of $4,000 is being awarded by AAI to noteworthy poster and oral presentations that receive the greatest number of votes throughout the conference.

There will be six candidates for the oral presentation awards.

Each oral presentation award is $300.

There will be eleven candidates for the poster presentation awards.

Each poster presentation award is $200.

Melvin Cohn Award

Best Ph.D./Postdoc Study

The Melvin Cohn Award ($1,000) will be given at the 2019 La Jolla Immunology Conference to a post-doctoral fellow or student who performed exceptional research. The award was established to recognize scientific innovation and impact of early career scientist, specifically graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The awardee will also have the opportunity to present their work as a special talk on  October 17th at 3:15-4:15pm at the 2019 La Jolla Immunology Conference (see program).

The organizing committee will select the winner based on the submitted abstracts and a short letter of recommendation (100-200 word) from the principal investigator/supervisor of the study. Applicants, who want to be considered for the Award need to submit their abstract no later than September 3rd. During the registration process these applicants will also be prompted to enter the e-mail address of their principal investigator/supervisor, who will then receive a request to provide a short letter of recommendation to support the applicant’s consideration for the Award. Late abstract submissions/registrations (after September 3rd) will not be considered for the prize.